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Instagram Business: start your page in 5 easy steps

If you're looking to boost your online presence, these simple steps on Instagram can help you get started quickly.


1. Profile picture

No need for a professional photographer; opt for a well-lit photo with your smartphone. Avoid artificial filters. If you prefer using your logo, make sure it fits the square shape for full visibility.


2. Biography

Your biography is crucial. It should briefly describe your activity, your expertise, and highlight why people should follow you. Bring attention to what distinguishes you from others.


3. Create diverse content that reflects your brand

Ensure that your page immediately reflects the identity and DNA of your brand, just like entering a store. Opt for varied content, mixing visuals such as photos, infographics, and videos.


4. Add a link in Bio

The link in your bio is essential to redirect visitors to your website, online bookings, press articles, e-commerce store, etc. Take advantage of new features allowing multiple links.


5. Engage with your community

Don't forget to respond to comments, direct messages, and tags on Instagram. Interact with your audience by asking questions, organizing polls, or encouraging shares to create a deeper connection with your followers.


Want to boost your business and enhance your online presence? For more information, contact me!


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