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What Is a Brand Identity?

It is various elements that complete a logo.

Colors, typographies, patterns, icons, pictograms, a symbol, a character, and more. Brand Identity is the foundation of the communication strategy. It must be coherent, the result of thorough research, and must not be left to hazard.

It allows to attract attention efficiently.

To stand out from competitors, to gain potential customers, but also to ensure its reliability with your suppliers and all partners. A visual identity is unique and original. Yes, it must be recognizable and memorable, but above all, it must be simple, appropriate and work with your company.

What is the purpose of a brand guideline.

The graphic charter is a document (a guide) containing the guidelines for the use of your visual identity. This document must be updated for each modification of the brand image. This guide will help people working with you to use your branding correctly.


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