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5 bad branding mistakes

Your visual identity is the first thing people see when they discover your company. It is important that it is built in a thoughtful and relevant way. Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid!

Mistake #1 - Not having a clear brand strategy

Asking a graphic designer to create a visual identity without knowing your objectives, your audience, your vision, your values, and how you want to stand out from the competition. Without that, your identity will not be strong enough.

Mistake #2 - Make your logo yourself

And yes, it sounds easy... You'll soon realize that it's complicated without the right tools and knowledge, and your customers will notice. You will end up working with a brand designer and adapting all your existing communication materials.

"Good design is expensive, but bad design costs even more." – Ralf Specht

Mistake #3 - Copying another brand or generating a free logo.

A visual identity is most effective when it is unique and memorable. If your logo is generated by a free platform on the internet, it will be identical to other brands (often at low cost) and will be mistaken among many others.

Mistake #4 - Using your favorite color

Do you like red? Great! But if your business is focused on wellness, this color won't work. Leave your personal preferences aside. Your brand designer will find the right color palette for your brand.

Mistake #5 - Making things too complicated

You're launching a jewelry brand, but you also want to provide jewelry design training with clothes sales opportunities. You want to create a brand image that brings it all together. Your audience will be confused and not attracted.

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