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Instagram Coaching 

Your content on social media should match your image, personality, and vision. Through our private coaching sessions, we guide you through different steps to provide you with the necessary tools for creating your own content. The sessions are tailored to your field of activity, ideal for boosting your confidence on Instagram!

What is included?

  • E-book and video guide for starting your professional page

  • Audit of your Instagram account - video presentation

  • Creation of your content strategy - video presentation

  • Creation of Canva templates 

  • Content calendar templates

  • 1.5 hours of training for boosting your content creation skills

Discover the steps

At your own pace with no pressure.



Kick-off meeting

I will request you to fill out a questionnaire, and then schedule a one-to-one session where I can learn about your goals and visions. During this session, I'll share best practices to help you take the next step. Through our discussion, I'll gather information to create our content strategy.


Auditing your existing Instagram account

We conduct an audit to easily identify problems and areas that need rectification. I will provide you with a personalized video and presentation, including advice and recommendations to define our content strategy.



Content strategy

We craft your content strategy. This document, about 10 pages long, outlines objectives, content themes, tone, messaging, and more. Its aim: to guarantee a strong presence on Instagram, reach the right audience, and spark engagement.


Canva templates 

Next, I'll create customizable posts on Canva, following the style guide, incorporating ideas from the content strategy, and including any helpful infographics. Don't worry, a 1.5-hour training session is scheduled to help you get comfortable with the Canva application.

CORE DESIGN_PHONE (4) - Moyenne.png


Editorial calendar

I will prepare an editorial calendar for you on Google Sheets to effectively plan your posts and group together all your hashtags as well as useful captions, thus facilitating the recovery and recycling of your content!


1.5 hours to boost and shine!

Now is the time to help you manage content creation yourself. This time is flexible for everyone, because it includes how to work, how to use the Canva app, but also other tips like creating videos.

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Ready to take action?

Today, creating content for selling products, services, or to build your community is the common standard. With some effort and organization, everyone can do it. Our coaching runs for 4-10 weeks, adaptable to your pace. Let's kickstart your content journey now!

Price : CHF 690.-

Or 3 x CHF 270.- per month

Motivation is the key

"Launch that business and enjoy every day doing what you love."
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